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Dr Euan Glen

Dr Glen’s interests include mental health and addictions, as well as Challenging Behaviour patients. He runs the practice’s in house addiction clinic along with Dr Garthwaite. Dr Glen is an … [continue] Dr Euan Glen

Dr Gillian Deveney

Dr Deveney’s particular interests are women’s health (including HRT), child development and palliative care. She has practical skills in contraceptive implant insertion. She is a vocational studies tutor at the … [continue] Dr Gillian Deveney

Dr Louise Hamilton

Dr Hamilton’s interests include sexual and reproductive health care and Dermatology. She has practical skills in coil and contraceptive implant insertion, as well as minor gynaecological procedures and skin biopsy.  … [continue] Dr Louise Hamilton

Dr Mark Garthwaite

Dr Garthwaite’s particular interests are addictions, sports injuries, respiratory medicine and palliative care. He also performs minor surgery in the practice. He is the Lead Clinician of the Leven Addiction … [continue] Dr Mark Garthwaite

Dr Fiona Wilson

Dr Wilson’s special interests include neurology and paediatrics – in particular developmental child health. She works with the YES service (local rehabilitation service for patients with neurological disease) based in … [continue] Dr Fiona Wilson

Dr David Jaberoo

Dr Jaberoo has experience of orthopaedics and rheumatology and an interest in medicine for the elderly. He has trained in joint and soft tissue injection techniques as well as Epley … [continue] Dr David Jaberoo

Dr Jonathan Tucker

Dr Tucker has an interest in general medicine and healthcare of the elderly. He works at the Practice part time.

Dr Karen Macphail

Dr Macphail is a Graduate of the University of Glasgow and trained at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in General Medicine and Geriatric Medicine, following which she trained for General Practice.  … [continue] Dr Karen Macphail

Dr Cathy Ayers

Dr Ayers is a Cambridge graduate and specialises in Diabetes care, she also works as a diabetic specialist in hospital and leads on the management of Diabetes for the practice.

Dr Sophie Lanaghan

Dr Lanaghan joined the practice in 2020 after relocating to Scotland.  She has special interests in lifestyle medicine and nutrition, women’s health and medical education.  She works in practice Wednesday … [continue] Dr Sophie Lanaghan