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Open letter to patients

To our Oakview Patients,

Recently we began using Ask My GP to allow our patients to directly contact our practice. The feedback has been very positive. With better access via Ask My GP the number of patient requests has increased. Sometimes we cannot meet this demand.

For our consultations to be as effective as possible and for faster responses, please consider if the GP is the best way to solve your problem.

There are other services you can often approach directly:

  • Pharmacy for minor complaints such as urinary infections & emergency contraception.
  • Optician for most eye problems
  • Dentist for dental issues including ulcers and dental abscesses
  • Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal issues
  • Minor injuries for acute injuries
  • Citizens Advice Bureau for Financial, Occupational and Benefits advice.
  • Social Work for issues relating to Vulnerable Persons, Home Care, Housing and Safeguarding.
  • For Medical Emergencies dial 999. This should not be delayed to check with the GP.

For issues relating to hospital appointments, including delays or investigation results from hospital contact the department’s secretary via the hospital switchboard. This number is often on your hospital appointment letter.

Once you decide to contact your GP, please use Ask My GP which you will find on our website. Please make requests as early as possible to allow us time to deal with it. Try to avoid telephoning and use the website instead.

If you use Ask My GP, we can message back and send you blood tests, fit notes, questionnaires and information sheets. Try to keep your request as brief as possible. Tell us when the problem started and how long it’s being going on for. Please tell us what you think the problem might be.  Let us know what you are worried about or tell us what you might want from us if you have a clear idea.

On Ask my GP you can ask for a message, phone call or face to face response and which GP you would prefer. We cannot always meet preferences due to staffing, but we will do our best. Please be on the lookout for emails indicating we have replied.

Due to the volume of requests, it can take all day for a reply for routine problems. If we can’t get to it on the same day, we will let you know. We triage requests calling the most urgent cases before less dangerous situations. If the volume of requests exceeds our doctor’s and nurse’s workload, we might ask you to contact us another day to ensure we can maintain patient safety.

Please only submit one request for the same issue. Don’t telephone to chase up your request unless something has changed making it an emergency.

We are hopeful that this new tool will continue to improve access and allow you to get the best from your GP Surgery